Diavazo Greek Books Interview

Last month, I had the tremendous opportunity to speak with Pavlina Kostarakou, the director of Diavazo Greek Books, as part of the company’s Coffee with Authors series.

It was a great chat about my book, Achieving The Impossible – The Remarkable Story of Greece’s EURO 2004, and the entire writing process.

Diavazo Greek Bookshop is a wonderful resource for Greeks all across the diaspora. There is an unbelievable selection of Greek-language and English-language books. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction or hard to find books, Diavazo is the place to go for hand-picked books on all things Greek. Support this wonderful, independent bookshop and you will receive amazing customer service from Pavlina!


Outside Write Podcast

A couple months ago I was fortunate enough to fulfill a small dream of mine. One of my favorite podcasts is the Outside Write podcast by Chris Lee, the author of the the fantastic book, Origin Stories, which talks about how football started in some of the world’s biggest footballing countries.

It was a pleasure to be invited on the show and I had a great chat with Chris talking about my book, Achieving The Impossible-The Remarkable Story of Greece’s EURO 2004 Victory.

If you are looking for a wonderful podcast and maybe interested in what I’ve got to say about my book and Greece’s epic win 17 years ago then click here to listen to the episode.


Back in business

Greetings to everyone! I feel terrible about the inactivity on the site. My hope (and goal) is to be able to get back and blog on a more regular basis.

The last few months have been taken up with life and lots of writing! I’m excited to report that I have recently finished the first draft of my debut novel. Here are a few pics of the moment that I finished:

The coffee cup says it all – the coming-of-age story of two people whose love grows in the small Greek village of Pefkofito.
106k+ words!? Yes, I am long-winded, but that will definitely be trimmed with editing…I hope.

There is still a long way to go to get this ready to send out for consideration. BUT, this is still a pretty big moment as anyone who has put together a first draft I’m sure would say.

In the next couple weeks, I will recapping a few cool things that have happened to me in the last few months, specifically concerning my first non-fiction book, ‘Achieving The Impossible – The Remarkable Story of Greece’s EURO 2004 Victory.

Besides that, I will also have some news of a few things on the horizon. If you are reading those, I hope you will consider following my site (I’ll definitely follow back!) and receiving some of the material I put out. I will be sharing a few sample pages from the book I’m writing and would love the feedback. Thanks again for checking this page out and will speak soon. Take care!


All Sports Book Review

Hello all! Back from a busy holiday season and am keen on keeping this site updated as 2021 plugs along. We shall see whether I can keep this resolution. I trust everyone is healthy and well and best wishes on a fantastic year.

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to have had Achieving The Impossible reviewed by the excellent site All Sports Book Reviews. This is a superb blog that features reviews of sports books in general, and football books in particular.

Their glowing review of my book brought a massive smile to my face. I greatly appreciate their taking the time to read the book and posting a review on their page. Please visit their page by clicking on the link above or go directly to the Achieving The Impossible review. Also, for up-to-date information on new sports book releases please visit All Sports Book Reviews on Twitter @SprtBookReviews

Speak with you soon!


Interview/Feature – The Greek Herald

Hello to all. I hope this post finds you well. I was lucky enough recently to speak with Greek-Australian journalist Peter Oglos. The interview was featured in Saturday’s edition of the The Greek Herald, the largest daily Greek newspaper in Australia.

It was pleasure to speak with Peter and talk about Greece’s EURO 2004 journey and my book, ‘Achieving The Impossible.’ If you are interested in reading about the process I went through to write the book, then please visit the page at The Greek Herald.


New 5-star Amazon Review

Hello all, hope you are doing well. I was so happy to see this recent review of Achieving The Impossible from a reader in Canada. Check out their words below or go directly to the Achieving The Impossible page on Amazon.

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars 

An excellent deep dive into Greece’s improbable Euro 2004 victory

Reviewed in Canada on September 25, 2020 Verified purchase

If you are looking to relive the Greek national team’s journey to winning Euro 2004 this is the book you need. The quality of the writing as well as the in-depth analysis is very high. The author does a nice job of weaving each player’s story into the broader narrative of the national team’s history of low expectations, the hiring of Otto Rehhagle and the transformation of the squad into contenders. Each match of the tournament is given in depth treatment.

Every single rating and review means so much and I appreciate the feedback of everyone. It makes entire process so worthwhile to know that people are enjoying the book. Many thanks to all those who read, rate, and review and to those who are following along on this blog. There aren’t many…yet…at least I hope that’s the case! The best to everyone!