Diavazo Greek Books Interview

Last month, I had the tremendous opportunity to speak with Pavlina Kostarakou, the director of Diavazo Greek Books, as part of the company’s Coffee with Authors series.

It was a great chat about my book, Achieving The Impossible – The Remarkable Story of Greece’s EURO 2004, and the entire writing process.

Diavazo Greek Bookshop is a wonderful resource for Greeks all across the diaspora. There is an unbelievable selection of Greek-language and English-language books. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction or hard to find books, Diavazo is the place to go for hand-picked books on all things Greek. Support this wonderful, independent bookshop and you will receive amazing customer service from Pavlina!



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Hello, once again! Been busy with things over the last couple weeks so nice to get to the page just a little bit. Have some exciting stuff ahead with regard to ‘Achieving The Impossible.’ Will be posting about that soon.

I have been getting through some of my first fictional work. Three chapters deep now and I am happy as to how it’s going. Obviously, I have no idea about the quality as I’m incredibly new to the genre. I’ve been trying to research and read a lot to see different techniques, etc. I will probably post soon some snippets and maybe see what some of you out there think.

All the best to everyone and I will be posting more soon. Take care.

P.S. The pic above is just one I liked with regard to the next book I’m attempting. The focus is on a village in rural Greece and the impact summers trips have there on two individuals.