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The National Herald

‘Greek-American author and Walpole, NH resident George Tsitsonis has nearly 20 years of freelance experience covering Greek, European, and World football (soccer). He spoke with The National Herald about his new book, Achieving the Impossible: The Remarkable Story of Greece’s EURO 2004 Victory, available on June 12.’ Greek version

The Athens Insider

Greek-American sportswriter George Tsitsonis revisits the ecstasy of Greece’s incredible run at EURO 2004 in his new book.

Neos Kosmos Newspaper (AUS)

‘Greek-American sports journalist George Tsitsonis’ book sheds light on the importance on one of the greatest upsets in sporting history: Greece’s Euro 2004 victory.’


The Pappas Post

“Achieving the Impossible” by American writer, George Tsitsonis, covers the magical run of the Greek National Team, known as the Ethniki, that went on to win EURO 2004. The book is also featured in the Pappas Post list of books on Modern Greek History on

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Profile – The Keene Sentinel

From Walpole, Tsitsonis covers the world of international soccer. Additional content found here.




‘Super Greek sits down with the Author of the first ever english based book on Greece’s Euro 2004 fairytale run. Good conversation and some never before heard stories from behind the scenes.’

Shoot The Defense Podcast

This episode, Mike Pieri quizzes author George Tsitsonis on his new release “Achieving The Impossible, The Remarkable Story of How Greece Won EURO 2004”.

The book chronicles not only the tournament itself but also how Greece qualified for the tournament with interviews from many of that now-fabled squad.

Gate 7 International Podcast

The boys are joined today by George Tsitsonis, the author of “Achieving the Impossible: The Remarkable Story of Greece’s EURO 2004 Victory”, which provides incredible details and inside info on the amazing team that made history with their unprecedented run in the Euros. George talks about the process behind writing the book, which included tons of interviews with key characters in this amazing story. He also gives his thoughts on the current situation with the Ethniki and what can be done to potentially bring the glory days back.

We have had books written about the miracle on ice and any number of inspiring sports stories, but to my knowledge nobody has ever written about Greece’s miraculous run to the Euro 2004 title. This was a team that was an 80-1 outsider and yet they didn’t flatter, they didn’t show flashes of greatness only to come up empty but they won the whole thing. They beat the hosts twice which featured a young Ronald and an older but still powerful Luis Figo. And they beat the holders which boasted players such as Henry and Zidane. To watch the games was one thing to read this book is another, there are many things that happened behind the scenes that influenced what happened on the field and the author writes like an insider.

Despite knowing that Greece would win it all, the book was riveting an when reading it at times I was asking myself if the ending would somehow be different. And that is the talent of an author who can write with the skill of an insider, where you heard from the characters involved and you felt you were in the arena witnessing history. Of particular note was the profile of Greece’s inspiring coach Otto Rehhagel, who guided a team of known for underachieving and choking when it mattered to in my humble opinion the upset of the century. Read this book and don’t be surprised if you miss meetings, forget about dinner, or like I did stay up into the night.

The Strand Magazine – Amazon Review of Achieving The Impossible

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